Many of the materials that you use every day are recyclable. From food containers to paper shopping bags, modern technology has made it possible to breathe new life into previously used materials. This is good news for the environment. Recycling waste helps prevent it from going into the landfill. It also eliminates the need to harvest or mine additional natural resources.

The city of Denver has made it incredibly easy for residents to get on board with recycling. They have a residential recycling program in place that is free for anyone who lives in the city. Best of all, the process is incredibly simple to get started with.

All that you have to do is sign up online through the website for the city of Denver. In the ‘Trash and Recycling’ section of the website, you will find a link to a sign-up form. Simply fill in your name and address. Once your information has been submitted, a recycling bin will be delivered to your home.

These large recycling bins are picked up on specific days depending on your neighborhood. Find out what the schedule is for your area so that you can be sure to put the recycling bin out at the curb on the appropriate day.

The city website also provides clear guidelines as to what types of materials can be recycled in these containers. This includes items such as cardboard, phone books, paper, aluminum cans, and plastic packaging. Be sure that you thoroughly understand the rules of the program so that you don’t accidentally put items in your recycling bin that are not accepted.

The best thing about this type of recycling program is that you don’t have to worry about sorting the items. Instead, all you have to do is put them out into the bin. The items are sorted after they are picked up and taken to the local recycling center.

Make sure to thoroughly wash any containers to remove food particles or other contaminants before placing them in the bin. Also, any caps should be removed from plastic bottles.

Denver has a robust recycling program available for residents. The best part about this program is that it is free to participate. Since it doesn’t cost anything, there is no reason to put off getting involved. Instead, you should head to the city website today to sign up for the recycling program if you are not already taking part in it. It is a simple way to do your part for the environment.