Things To Do In Denver

Denver is one of the best places to travel when you are interested in outdoor activities. There is absolutely so many different things that you can do when you are traveling to Denver. Whether you simply want to drive around and explore the area or go out to various museums. Below, we will be going over some of the top things that you are likely going to want to check out when you visit Denver.

Top Things To Do In Denver:

1. Union Station.

If you are visiting Denver, it is very likely that you are going to want to at least dedicate a half of a day to Union Station. Denver’s Union Station is a very cool place to visit when you are visiting the city because not only is it a public transportation center, but it is a great and highly praised shopping center as well. Therefore, you can literally ‘kill two birds with one stone’ with this adventure. A lot of travelers say that the best way to experience Union Station would be to relax on the comfortable couches present throughout and simply people watch while you are drinking a coffee or your favorite beverage.

2. Botanic Gardens.

If you are looking to enjoy some nature, you are going to want to check out Denver’s very own botanic gardens. If you go visit Denver’s botanic gardens, you are going to be able to enjoy 24 acres featuring 15,000 species of plants that come from all areas of the globe. In fact, more than 700 different types of plants are featured in these gardens that are actually native to the state of Colorado itself. This is a great place for families to visit if you are people that enjoy nature.

3. Coors Field.

This is an absolute must if you are someone that enjoys sports at all. Even if you are not a huge sports fan, there are not many things that can top going to a baseball game being played a Coors Field where the air encourages the long ball more than any other stadium in the United States. Because the air is so thin, the ball flies out of the park with ease.

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Colorado. Whether you want to catch some sports or you simply want to enjoy Mother Nature, you should be able to find something suitable for you and your family.